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Carl Steng 1911


Hans Steng



Peter Steng


AS (4).jpg

Andreas Steng

since 1991

Four generations of light


An enthusiasm for technology, a fascination with electricity, and a profound interest in lighting prompted Carl Steng to found a specialist lighting company in 1911 - at a time when homes and streets were still illuminated by gas.


His son, Hans, successfully guided the business through the difficult post-war period and through the era of the German economic miracle. In 1972, the reins passed to the third generation of the family, to Peter Steng, grandson of the founder. Following in the innovative footsteps of his forefathers, he was an early advocate of low-voltage lighting.


The development of pioneering systems that combined high-quality engineering with attractive design led to many national and international awards. Andreas Steng, representing the fourth generation of the family, joined the senior management team in 1997, and acquired ownership in 2004. In December 2014, Peter Steng stoo down as a member of the managment board. Andreas Steng was appointed to the Chairman of the management board.







The STENG success story demonstrates that tradition and progress are not mutually exclusive. A number national and international

design awards and the collaboration with renowned designers and architects reflect our innovational strength and flexibility when it

comes to technology and current market demands.


We offer the ideal solution for any requirement or situation, be it for premium home furnishing or for professional project applications.


STENG products are developed and manufactured on site in Stuttgart – they are consistently »Made in Germany«.

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